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Tim Meehan has been flying paragliders for over 20 years...

Hi. I'm Tim. I'm your pilot. I'm an active and continuously flying pilot for over 30 years. I hold USHPA T-3 (Tandem Instructor), USHPA Advanced Instructor, USHPA P-4 (Advanced) paragliding as well as New Zealand PGTC (Paragliding Tandem Comercial) ratings.

I'm a mountain pilot and vocal proponent for the sport and the organization. I love introducing new people to the sport and sharing the experience of free flight.

I've enjoyed thousands of hours of air-time around (and above) Lookout Mountain in Golden all these years. I've flown paragliders and made friends at flying sites around the world.

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These are some of my favorite images from this season's best flights.

2022 LOCAL


GHANA 2022

GHANA 2019

GHANA 2018

Coupe Icare 2018

Munich 2016

GHANA 2013-2016


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Paragliding is the art, science and sport of foot-launched ultralight aviation.

paragliding is not hang gliding Paragliding is not Hang Gliding

Paragliding is not Parasailing paragliding is not parasailing

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